Jamie Hart Takes on New Role at Conquer Technology

Jamie Hart Takes on New Role at Conquer Technology

Jamie Hart, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the gambling industry, has assumed the role of head of gambling at Conquer Technology. Hart, who was previously an executive director at Tabcorp and a director of innovation at William Hill, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new position.

The transition came after Hart met Conquer Technology's CCO, David Carter, during an innovation competition at William Hill. This meeting laid the groundwork for Hart's next career move, where he will drive innovation and development within the gambling sector.

Focus on Small-Scale Innovation

Conquer Technology is renowned for its focus on small-scale technical innovation, positioning itself as a full-service development studio. The company assists firms in navigating the complex landscape of gambling regulation, Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, and in developing new betting products and types. Conquer Technology's mission is to provide operators with the flexibility to experiment and innovate without bearing substantial financial and operational burdens.

Challenges and Opportunities

Hart is well aware of the myriad challenges facing the gambling industry. Operators often struggle to experiment and test new initiatives due to in-house bureaucratic delays and escalating costs. By outsourcing these efforts to Conquer Technology, operators could potentially streamline processes, making them quicker and more cost-efficient. The increasing complexity of managing projects in gambling companies, coupled with a greater number of stakeholders compared to 20 years ago, further complicates in-house efforts.

Conquer Technology aims to simplify the operational landscape for gambling operators, offering a unique outsourcing model. This approach could revolutionize how betting companies handle their projects, reducing delays and costs associated with in-house management.

"Integration is typically the biggest issue for betting companies, and that will be our number one target," Hart emphasized. "It might be quicker and cheaper to do those with us than in-house."

A Vision for the Future

Jamie Hart's vision for the future goes beyond addressing the challenges of innovating the Tote’s product. He aims to leverage his new role at Conquer Technology to implement a broader scope of innovations within the gambling industry. With changing regulatory landscapes, the company is poised to help firms adapt and thrive.

The launch of Conquer Technology's gambling division represents a significant step forward for the company and the industry as a whole. Empowering operators to push the boundaries of innovation in gambling, Conquer Technology is set to become a pivotal player. "There’s a lot more I want to do and change in gambling, and the Tote’s product was difficult to innovate," Hart noted. "I'm hoping we can provide a unique outsourcing model."

The industry will undoubtedly be watching Hart and his team closely as they execute their ambitious plans. With the combination of Hart's expertise and Conquer Technology's innovative approach, the future of gambling could see significant transformations.

"There certainly seem to be a lot more people involved in projects now than there were 20 years ago," Hart observed. This increasing complexity necessitates a streamlined approach, which is what Conquer Technology strives to provide. By aiding firms in their navigation of regulatory challenges and fostering an environment conducive to innovation, Conquer Technology is set to redefine operational efficiencies in the gambling sector.

As Jamie Hart embarks on this new chapter, the industry anticipates groundbreaking developments and a renewed focus on innovation. With Conquer Technology at the helm, the possibilities for future progress are boundless. The company’s dedication to simplifying processes and lowering costs, while driving technological advancements, positions it as a trailblazer in the gambling industry.

The gambling sector faces mounting challenges, but with leaders like Jamie Hart steering the ship at Conquer Technology, there is a burgeoning optimism for what lies ahead. Operators will benefit from the company's expertise and innovative solutions, ultimately fostering a more dynamic, adaptable, and forward-thinking industry.